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Pope Joan

Roman Catholic Papal History That Will Not Go Away !
The Short True Story Of Pope John VIII

Pope John VIII

“Whenever you see a legend, you can be sure,
If you go to the very bottom of things, that you will find history”
Vallet de Viriville

Born in Britain 818
Studied philosophy in Athens
Moved to Rome and entered the priesthood
Gained reputation as a brilliant scholar and won a university chair
Appointed a Cardinal by Pope Leo IV and upon his death in 853 was elected Pope.
This is the brief history of POPE JOHN VIII

POPE JOAN ruled the Roman Catholic Church from 853 to 855.
Pope Joan had a private chamberlain named “Florus”.
One day, while “On Procession” down one of the streets of Rome,
she gave birth prematurely to their son!

The citizens of Rome were so enraged at the deception
 – John was in reality Joan –
that they tied their Pope to the tail of her horse and dragged
 her through  the streets of Rome.

 They then stoned her and her infant son to death.

The next day a “monument” to the event, a pile of stones,
 was erected on the spot the Pope “dropped” her baby.
 The monument remained until the following Pope got tired
 of having to detour around “the embarrassment”.

The history of Pope John (Joan) has been acknowledged by over
150 church historians of the Middle Ages.

To “cover” history Pope Leo’s death was moved back two years to 855
 by the Vatican.
Ever since the death of Pope Joan all of the candidates for Pope
have had to submit to an examination to insureThe candidate is
 a man – not a eunuch, and not a WOMAN.
This "examination" done on a special chair was not discontinued until
Pope Pius XXIII was enthroned.

Pope Clement VIII, in the 17th Century, ordered all records of
 Pope Joan destroyed.
 He realized that if the Papal chain were broken it would destroy
 the myth that claims that the Papalhood descended from St. Peter
to the current Pope in an unbroken line.

 If the line is broken the whole project is a sham!

In 1886 Greek author Emmanuel Royadis was excommunicated
for writing his book “Pope Joanna”.
( 1998 research indicates that in all probability the “man” known in history as
“The Englishman – John of Mainz” was indeed a SHE )

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In the year 1965 I, Donald F. Dutkowski, was walking the streets
of Rome with a Doctor Arduini.
 We came upon the intersection where the “monument”, the pile of stones
 once stood.
This born in Rome, Roman Catholic, told me the story of Pope Joan.

 This FACTUAL EVENT lives on in the memory of the citizens of Rome!

The Procession

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