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If you really want answers please send an E mail with your question.
  I will answer, usually within twenty four hours.
If you wish to talk - include your telephone number and times that you are available.
 I will call back at no cost to you.

Donald F. Dutkowski, Consultant, Answers Questions About Religions, Cults, & Secret Societies.  We Also Help People With Addictions,
 Fear,  Loneliness,  Abuses & Runaways. If You Have Any Questions, Please Ask - Or  If You Have Problems You Wish To Tell Me About, Please Do So.
  I Am Here To Inform - I Do Not Argue.  

Welcome to
 ~ HOPE ~

This might look and sound like a strange title for a web site but for
many people who have gone through all the lists of Gurus,
 Counselors, Churches, The Universal Church, other Cults,
the Occult, Secret Organizations, TM, New - Age, Martial Arts,
Astrology, Reincarnations studies, Yoga, and more ---
this could be the LAST HOPE to find  TRUTH.

TRUTH    There is a song title "GOD Will Make A Way".
Indeed, GOD will make a way when there seems to be no way,
and in many cases, no way out.

WHICH GOD will you serve ?
Who or What Is  THE TRUE GOD ?
There are many "gods". But these are, in reality, DEMONS who
parade or exhibit themselves as; ghosts, poltergeists,
angels (yes, there are two kinds), entities, pixies, even as  
relatives and loved ones who have died and "appear" from
"the afterlife".  Demons also appear as dead saints of churches.

THE TOTAL PURPOSE in all of this is to distract US from
knowing and interacting with THE ONE TRUE GOD.

We do a fine job in distraction  from THE ONE TRUE GOD
by ourselves too.  We chase after money, fame, popularity, and
"things".  We even distract by making heroes of, and worshiping,
politicians, actors, singers, movie stars, and athletes.

THE ONE TRUE GOD wants to be recognized by us, worshiped
by us, and interact with us.  We are to do this on a direct basis.
We do not need strangely garbed priests or priestesses, any organization,
or any church, complete with ceremonies, a hierarchy, or any dead
saints to intervene on our behalf.  We are to come to him directly !

YAHUASHUA was born, taught, gave example to us, and died
on our behalf.

 HE DID IT ALL. There is no more to do. Upon HIS death the thick
 curtain between the public and the sacred in the ancient Temple
"mysteriously"  tore from top to bottom. This signified that the division
between the sacrosanct and the common people was no more!

There is a word for talking to THE GOD, and communing with HIM.
The word is  ~ prayer . One learns to pray by simply taking the time to;

                   RECOGNIZE THE GOD for who HE is.
                   PRAISE GOD  for all HE has done, is doing, and will do.
                   REQUEST that HE be part of your every day life.   
         ASK that HE supply all of your needs, and possibly even name them.
                   COMMUNE with HIM ~ Pray often.

But do not confuse THE ONE GOD with Santa Claus.
GOD always answers prayer requests, but sometimes it is "later"
and at other times it may be "no".  He knows the past and future as
well as the present.  It could very well be that your request would
not be the better for you.   Remember, HE IS THE GOD.
HE makes no mistakes and does know what is best for those
that know HIM!

When you pray you will find that you get to know THE ONE TRUE
GOD better and better. This happens through divine inspiration.
You will find a growing desire to continue  praying day by day, and
a desire to read about HIM in His book ~ The Bible.

There are many version of  "The Bible". Go to the LINKS page
on this web site and you will find a LINK to the best.

For more information please utilize all of the LINKS on this site,
and please  consider reading  the recommended books.



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