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Mother Theresa
Mother Theresa,  Roman Catholic, Council  of Trent, Vatican II, Dutkowski, Pope, Joan of Arc, Anathema, Saints, Hell, Priests,  Clergy,  Bishops.

 This  Copyright Photo  by     Donald F. Dutkowski
My Tribute To The  World Renowned Humanitarian

( Teresa is the way she preferred her name to be spelled )

Some years ago while  a freelance professional photographer I was employed by the editor
 of one of the Vancouver Canada newspapers  to meet and photograph the very famous humanitarian
and humanist,  Mother Theresa.  The picture to be used  for a feature article they had planned.

The Interview and photo session was as successful as hoped - but for one thing.
NO ONE ASKED if she used her daily opportunities working with the dying to spread the
Gospel of Jesus Christ  or to tell them about Christianity.

I had seen her on T.V in the past, and when posed this question
She was emphatic in advising all that indeed she does not !
"Oh  No, I do not tell them of Jesus  -  If one is a good Hindu, or of any other faith, and a good
believing person in that faith, then that person will go to heaven."

She has made this same statement many times in interviews and on T.V., and in print.

In her many visits to the Vatican NO ONE, not even the Pope himself, WARNED HER !

 Mother Theresa, and thousands of Priests, and other Clergy, in the Roman Catholic Church
have made statements to that effect.  = " Die a good (anything) and you go to heaven".

 A  Dilemma

Articles of  " The Council of Trent " -  held in  1546, and then reaffirmed at
" The Vatican Council II " -  held  in 1963 -  state that, without question, ANYONE who believes
that one can be saved without The Roman Catholic Church is AUTOMATICALLY anathema!

No Pope, Cardinal, Archbishop, or  Bishop,  is required to activate THE CURSE -

Now I ask this question - "According to the Roman Catholic Church, Mother Theresa,  by her own statements,  has condemned herself to hell .   The Pope himself can not reverse this condemnation !

 There is a "groundswell movement"  in The Roman Catholic Church,  to "canonize"  Mother
 Theresa, thereby  declaring  her a saint!     " Saint Mother Theresa " !  (828)

Will "Saint  Mother Theresa" be the only, or just the first person, sainted by the
Roman Catholic Church  who will be, at the same time, suffering in Hell for Eternity? "

How is it possible this Icon of Goodness could be condemned
 to HELL by her own "church"  ?

 A Quandary !

Do You , And Does Your Priest  believe ALL of the following?

That The Pope is infallible in all matters of religion ?     (891)
That Salvation is in only achieved through "The Church"?   ( 846+982)
That Baptism is necessary for salvation?      (977+1252)
That Salvation is achieved through the Eucharist?  (1129)
That Salvation can only be achieved through The Sacraments?   (846-848)
That Mary was born, like Jesus, without original sin? ( 966)
That Mary should be ADORED as Gods mother?     (971)
That Mary is inseparable with the saving work of The Son?   (1172)
That prayer for the dead will get them in to heaven?   (1032>1479)
That you must confess through a priest?   ( 1424)
That "The Church" forgives sins?     (982)

If anyone does not believe ALL of the above THEY ARE CONDEMNED TO HELL !
( According to the Roman Catholic Church. )

So if you, dear Roman Catholic friend, if you don't believe ALL of the above
YOU have a Super Problem!


If your Priest does not believe ALL of the above he is anathema,  EXCOMMUNICATED,
and condemned to HELL !

( according to the Roman Catholic Church )

All the Masses he says are NULL AND VOID !
The Confessions he hears are NULL AND VOID !
The Communions he initiated are NULL AND VOID !
The Marriages he performed are NULL AND VOID !

If you relied on him;
 the Mass you attended is NULL AND VOID !
the Confession you made with him is NULL AND VOID !
The Communion he "blessed" is NULL AND VOID !
The Marriage he "blessed" is NULL AND VOID !

Don't  you think it is time to re think your religious allegiance?
Is it to "The Church"  or is it going to be to

" The Council of Trent - Canons and Decrees " = http://history.hanover.edu/early/trent.html

  1999 Edition "Catechism Of The Catholic Church" ISBN:0-88997-281-8
 ( Catechism Article  Numbers in Green )

"A Woman Rides The Beast"   by Dave Hunt        ISBN:1-56507-199-9

Mother Teresa; Her People And Her Work  by Desmond Doig  (William Collins Sons &Co.)


 Over Forty Years Of Study, Both While I Was "Inside, And Outside"     " The Church ".


If You Have A Headset You Can Talk
With Donald F. Dutkowski

Side Thought ~~
Many years ago I thought about JOAN OF ARC!

She was sponsored by one Pope to gather an army and conquer in the name of  "The Church".
Another Pope condemned her and had her burned at the stake.
Yet another Pope had her canonized and raised to Sainthood in  that same church.

Which of these three "infallible" Popes was really  infallible - all, two, one, or none?

Church Answer ~ STOP THINKING!

 All three had to be infallible  ~
 otherwise YOU are going to be held in athema ~
 Condemned to Hell Forever!

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