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My Story

Picture of
Donald F. Dutkowski

This sinner was born in Regina Canada of Roman Catholic parents,
and as an infant was "dedicated" to become a Franciscan "Father".

At the age of thirteen, while attending Roman Catholic grade school,
I became suspicious of "The Church" because of the day to day
actions of the priests in charge of the school, and more so, from the
catechism lessons.
I found that all of the rituals, garb, and beliefs were either "borrowed"
from other religions or beliefs or just plain invented.

I have a cousin who is a Dominican priest and two uncles,  both
Jesuits,  stationed at the "Catholic Think Tank" in California.

After many hours of conversation with these clergy I left  "The Church".
Discussions with  ( the now late ) Archbishop Duke of Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada did not bring me back in to the fold.

because ~

I Believe;
That Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to salvation.
That I should pray directly to God only through Jesus Christ.
That I am saved - through Jesus Christ - and I KNOW I am going
     to heaven.

     It is the OFFICIAL word of "The Church" that if any Roman
          Catholic believes ANY of the above he or she is anathema, that is
     condemned to hell for ever!

I Also Do Not Believe;
That the pope is infallible in matters of religion.
That salvation is achieved through the eucharist.
That Mary must be worshipped as God's mother.
That praying for the dead can help get them to heaven.
That I must confess "through a priest".

     I am "in anathema",  convicted to hell by the Roman Catholic
     Church eight times over !       I have found, over the years
     that there are MANY ROMAN CATHOLIC Clergy who agree with
     Me on at least one of these eight points...... That leaves them
     OFFICIALLY EXCOMMUNICATED from their church --- yet they
     continue to say their daily mass,  hear confessions,  and give
     out communion.    Of course,  the flock at the church either
     do not know the priest's mind ---- or knowing his mind --- are
     totally unaware that his mass,  absolution,  and communions
     are, according to their church not only totally valueless,  but
     condemned !

                   Because of my experience with catholicism, from the age of fourteen to
thirty I passed through many phases.  From Agnostic to Atheist,  from Scientism,
 to becoming a full Buddhist,  only to realize that all these beliefs are valueless.

About the year 1977 my mother challenged me !
She asked me what I knew about THE BIBLE !

               I felt like an illiterate! ~~ and indeed I was, as far as
               THE BIBLE  was concerned!  Having been brought up as
               a Roman Catholic I had,  for all practical purposes, NO

               I solved that problem by obtaining a Bible from a local
               used book store ( I was surprised when the store keeper
               refused money for it! ) and began to "devour" every page.

               THIS BOOK had to be either the greatest fabrication in history
               VERY WORDS OF GOD !

I wrote to, or otherwise contacted, every religious institution
I could locate.  Anglican, Baptist, Charismatic, Reformed, Nazarene
and others.  I requested Bible lessons -- and Bible lessons I got !

I studied, filled in Q & A forms, mailed them, received telephone
calls, and had conversations with many lay people and Clergy.

I discussed with, and "sat in" on debates between, some of the Faculty
 of the Theology  Department of the The University of British Columbia
 and  four Rabbi, held at the Jewish Community Centre, Oak street,
Vancouver, B.C. Canada.     I utilized the vast library to the extent
 I was asked if I would like to be one of the library staff  !

Final Results ?      I found The Book  IS THE BOOK !

After some months I was able to organize my home and business
life so that I could study with an accredited theological institute.
This I did, and because of my being starved for so many years,
immersed myself in study "to the uttermost".

After passing all the examinations and written thesis, I was
momentarily satisfied, so put my diplomas in to storage, and
returned to the "dollar" world.

I was interested in so called "secret societies" from the day my
dad showed me his ornate sword, hat and cape.   He was a
fourth degree member of the "Knights Of Columbus".  Many years
later I found that my brother had been a third degree "Knight" !
All very secret.  I studied all of the so called secret oaths,
handshakes, and books of the many degrees of the Masonic
Orders, up to and BEYOND the thirty third degree.
"Adoptives" such as the I.O.O.F.,  Foresters,  etc. were included
in my studies.  The offshoot religion of the Masonic Order,  The
Mormons, was particularly easy to delve in to because ALL of their
so called secrets have been published.  Because of personal
involvement I also spent much time studying various Cults and

My area of "expertise" is therefore
Religions, Cults, and Secret Societies.  

After many years of business world activity I began to notice
that  the television and newspapers were echoing some of the
things I had read and studied about in the  Bible.
Cultural changes around the world and activities in Israel in

Many people are crying out for help, totally lost as to where they
are, were they are going, and what to do next.  Families are in
disarray and with no leadership.  The world is moving faster and
faster, but going downhill, not up !

This ministry is my small contribution.

Signed ;  Donald F. Dutkowski

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