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Finding A Church


A truly Christian Church must teach from THE BIBLE and The Bible alone.
Both the Old and the New Testaments must be taught.

2 Timothy: 3:16 says that  - ALL scripture (The Bible) is the inspiration of GOD…….
ONLY THE BIBLE - NO EXTRA BOOKS, or Church History or Tradition must add to,
or change those teachings.

THE TEACHING that is most important is in 1Timothy 2:5….
 It says that there is ONE GOD and that Jesus Christ (Alone) is THE mediator.

Studying Old as well as New Testament will show that Christianity has
NOT replaced the Jews in the eyes of GOD!  

Christians do NOT need to keep the old Levitical Laws!
 No Sabbath keeping is necessary, no Tithing, Vegetarianism, etc.

 Why would any church want to be under the law?
 Jesus fulfilled those laws!    Read Matthew 5:17!

(IF a Church group say they keep THE LAWS  I always ask if their Clergy does too?
If they do, the Church must own their HOMES, CARS, CLOTHING, and BANK ACCOUNTS!)

Christians worship every day but gather to worship on the first day of the week, on SUNDAY.
 -- Read 1 Corinthians 16:2.  And Acts 20:7.  And Hebrews 10:25.

 Christians do not gather to observe the Saturday Sabbath.

I Timothy 3:16 gives the TRUTHS of TRUE CHRISTIANITY "in a nutshell"…

Any group or teacher who says we can or must do something to earn or work our way to heaven is teaching falsehood.  Isaiah 64:6 ...tells us that…. ALL our works are as filthy rags!
(E-mail me at mailto:ddutkowski@hotmail.com if you can't figure out what  that filthy rags means)
Any Church or Teachers who teach other than what is in The Bible….Galatians 1:8,9 says---
"if we or Angels teach another Gospel-let them be cursed"… Very strong words indeed!

Visit a Church and observe; If the members and attendees seem to have an infatuation
or almost worship the Pastor or the Church itself BEWARE, because that is a sign of a CULT.

If a Church or Group claim that they ALONE are THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH ---
 run, don't walk, to the nearest exit because that IS A CULT FOR SURE!

If after your second visit you start getting more than one or two telephone calls
 from people at the church, and you feel you are being "taken over" by them - beware.

If they want you to abandon friends and family to be with "just them" BEWARE,
another sign, a very strong sign, of a CULT.

Please look up in your own Bible, ALL of the above Scriptures.
 Trust no one, including this writer  (Matthew 7:20).

 Read some ahead of that which was quoted, and after.
 That is to make certain that the quote is "in context" and is not used to "prove"
 something it is not intended to prove.

If you look for a Church that features miracles and sensationalism you might find a
Church that impresses, entertains, and makes you feel good, but remeber,
the purpose of a Church is to unite worshippers for the purpose of WORSHIPING
The ONE TRUE GOD!   NOT to cause you to go in to a "spiritual trance" and
thereby have euphoria and special revelations or "experiences".

This information is supplied by D. F. Dutkowski of  Hope Eternal Ministry.
Please feel free to show this to the Pastor where you are visiting.
If he turns "purple with rage" and denial, you are visiting a cult.


Visit Churches on Sunday. TALK TO THE PASTOR and / or ELDERS.
Ask Questions!  Ask what they believe. If it is a "straight and honest"
Christian Family that you should be with, they will be happy to answer!

If you are really confused as to what Church to attend do not hesitate
to send me a list of all the Churches available to you.  I will be happy to
"narrow the list" or point out the one or two who are most correct in

I have a number of Church Directories that could also be of help.

Before attending any Church or "Religious Group" Meeting be sure to PRAY!

 Ask THE HOLY SPIRIT to protect you, and to open your eyes and ears to deception.

YOU and Family must make the final decision - but only after attending for
a comfortable period.  Do not rush to become Members.   Pray first.

                                    Blessings On You,
                                         Donald F. Dutkowski

I have a five page dissertation on 'Seventh Day and Sunday"
covering much, including Historical Evidence from 100 A..D. to 180 A..D.
Feel free to E-mail me for a copy.

If You Have A Headset You Can Talk
With Donald F. Dutkowski