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Oasis Ministries
The perfect opportunity for an individual, or family, who has the
funds but is unable to travel and be part of the world mission field.
For less than the price of a trip to and from India one can sponsor and
 fully fund a band of 53 Missionary/Evangelist workers for one full year.
Oasis Ministries is working in the field now and needs YOU!

Oasis Christian Evangelists are in the process of visiting tribal area villages in the
North part of Andhra pradesh and the coastal area in the south part of Andhra pradesh.

This group has NO OUTSIDE HELP.  
The total budget for the work of these 53 was but US $ 725.00 for the full year 2002.
 This included the pay packet for 43 - the remaining 10, on a 100% volunteer basis.
OASIS distributes Bibles and Christian literature that they purchase from the Bible Society of India.
OASIS also distributes clothing to the widows and orphans in the rural areas where the populace
 has virtually nothing.
 OASIS MINISTRIES holds outdoor Church services,  prayer meetings, seminars,
 revivals, and conducts lectures.   

OASIS is also active in  teaching and feeding children at the Oasis Childrens Home (Orphanage)

This year Oasis Ministries is looking for outside help to expand the ministry and has set a budget
of 100000 Rupees. That is equivalent to US $ 2,069.00.  A vast increase from the 35,000 Rupees
that they have received from local contributors in their area of India.
The 2003 budget would allow for remuneration for all of the Pastors, money for more Bibles,
 tracts, and more travel. Bibles cost OASIS only 80 Rupees each, the equivalent of $ US 1.60

Touch to view The United Theological College where the seniors
of OASIS were educated.

For more pictures, information, and more details please E mail
Ministries            or ChildrenHome


 Yahoo Messenger with OASIS MINISTRIES  at  oasis_india99@yahoo.co.in


Write Rev. K. John Benhur
Oasis Ministries or Oasis Children Home
Gullapalli - 522 309
Telephone 91 - 8644 -23 -1283
Cell 9440028974.
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More Than 200 Attend OASIS Pre Exams Youth Rally February 2003

This Ministry is following The Bible, not trends!

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"If you are impressed or moved, please PRAY daily for the success
 and safety of the workers at OASIS MINISTRIES."
  Thank You,  D.F. Dutkowski

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