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Islam - by Sword or Word

Muslims worldwide are on a proselytizing campaign. They have joined the ranks of the Vishna Hindu Parishad, the J.W's, and the Mormons  in "picking off" poor ignorant "almost Christians",and uninformed Christians.
Muslims claim that the word "Muslim" implies PEACE.  Are they alluding to the peace of the Taliban in Afghanistan? Where to "breathe" means death by the ruling TRUE MUSLIMS!
Peace, like the slaughter of Sunni True Muslims by the Shiite True Muslims, and Shiite True Muslims by the Sunni True Muslims?  Leaving the "lost" Muslims, the Bahai, to be slaughtered by ALL TRUE Muslims.    TOTAL SUBMISSION to the Mullahs, or death, is a very PEACEful way indeed.

The First Book that Muhammad plagiarised from GENESIS begins  "YOM ELOHIM"= "Beginning GOD" but notice that the word Elohim has an obvious plural connotation!  Like water can be seen as liquid, steam, or ice, so THE TRUE GOD (definitely NOT your Allah) can be, and is, "Three-In-One". The ALMIGHTY GOD IS ONE ENTITY in three MANIFESTATIONS-God the Father (spirit), God the Son (bodily form), and GOD the Holy Spirit (who dwells in all Christian believers).
They claim that Allah has no "partners"?  That name `Muhammad, and blessed be his name' certainly gets a lot of "play".

Muslims claim that the Koran is fully accurate scientifically. With the fabulous "flubs" Muhammad did, it is wonderful that a few non-errors do exist! The scientific truths spoken of in the Koran were plagiarized from Holy Scriptures written hundreds, if not thousands of years earlier.  The findings in the caves of Qumram have shown many writing that were considered relatively new, were indeed, old "thinking".

I am still looking for an Archeologist who uses the Koran in his research as they do THE BIBLE. That would be a proof of some accuracy, at least.

Muslims claim that Islam is the worship of Allah alone and the avoidance of worship directed at any person, place, or thing.  You had better tell that to those followers who must then have a vicarious interest in MECCA, MEDINA, and the AL AQSA MOSQUE -that was recently  "discovered" by Arafat's uncle, or was it his grandfather!

Muslims continue in the same error as the Hindus, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, and the other deluded groups that Jesus THE SAVIOUR, was only a prophet, and was only a man. Methinks they should read both the Ancient Jewish Pentateuch and the Christian New Testaments to find that indeed Jesus THE CHRIST Is and Was THE GOD (not Allah), in human form.

Muslims often quote from the Koran "And behold Allah will say:  "O Jesus the son of Mary did you say to men…..""    This writing they present was written 700 years AFTER the TRUTH of the Bible. (Mary was mentioned, of course, because Muhammad was married to a Roman Catholic, therefore Infidel, woman.)

Muslims try to tell us, in their confusion, "The worst sin is the worship of the created instead of THE CREATOR." Yes indeed, of course, and indeed, this is true! Please read Isaiah 14: 12-17 and also Ezekiel 28:13-19.
"Allah" is a very powerful entity and cohort of Lucifer the Satan, if not the adversary himself.   This entity has very limited powers that were given by THE ALMIGHTY GOD (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who CREATED this "Allah" in the first place - in the angelic realm.  He fell from grace when "iniquity was found" in this entity, Lucifer, and his followers. This entity is A DECEIVER and will lead ALL who follow him in to hellfire that was "prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matthew 25:41).


The very essence and corner stone of Islam: Laa Elaaha illallaah" (There is no god worthy of worship except Allah). Shortly you will discover how the village god of Muhammad was elevated to be his and his follower's, god.

We have a choice to either follow the TRUE GOD, THE CREATOR, as was taught by THE GOD MAN, JESUS THE SAVIOUR, in both the Old and New Testament.  "Believe, Repent, and be SAVED FOR EVER."   OR Follow "Allah" who created nothing, but was created. Followers of a created entity can only end up in hell fire!

It all boils down to "Whom will you believe?" The TRIUNE GOD of THE BIBLE or "Allah"?   Your choice will determine were you will spend eternity.

http://www.bible.ca/islam-jihad.htm   (Information Muslims would rather you not read)
http://answering-islam.org/religions.htms   (Info. on Islam and other religions)
http://www.hope-eternal.8m.com             (True Christianity!   Its time we study)
http://www.members.tripod.com/iconoclast14/truth_about_the_koran_.htm (The KORAN Exposed!)


MUSLIMS CLAIM descendancy from Ishmael
 Very few Muslims are descendants of Ishmael. (See note 1)
Ishmael and wives, their sons and wives all got "booted out" and sent eastward where they worshipped "other gods".
Muslims in most cases have had the truth of salvation presented to them- and have rejected
Jesus as the Saviour - IN TOTAL. (Matt 10:14-15. Matthew 11:33.
All Muslims who have had contact with TRUE CHRISTIAN evangelism are therefore dammed to hell. John 3:15,16,17,18 !

ISLAM or the MUSLIM Religion was begun in the 7th Century when Muhammad had a vision or visitation from a DEMON who he claimed was the Angel Gabriel.
There are more recent visitations like this - The DEMON  "DK" Djwal Khul visited Madam Blavatsky and Theosophy was born.
 The "Angel Moroni" visited and Mormonism began.

God promised a son to Abraham and Sarah. They lost patience with God and tried to "hurry things along", so Abraham "went into" Hagar.  Ishmael was born of Abraham and his Egyptian concubine, Hagar who was the slave (bondwoman) of Abraham's wife Sarah (Genesis 16: 3-16.).  The product of disobedience on Abraham's part.

God made a covenant with Abraham (Gen. 17:7).   The son of the freewoman, Sarah Abraham's wife, was to be considered the only son of Abraham (Genesis 22:2, 12 & 16)

Because Hagar and Ishmael "made fun of" Sarah (Gen. 16: 4-5), both Hagar and her son Ishmael were evicted and sent in to the desert.  God did protect and "make a great nation" of Ishmael for Abraham's sake.  He married many foreign wives and is the progenitor of twelve tribes.

After the death of Sarah, Abraham married Keturah and had six more sons with her. Abraham sent them all away from Isaac his son and sent them eastward (Genesis 25: 6). However, God stressed that "only through Isaac …. with his seed after him" (Jacob) (Genesis 17:19) would the covenant be established after him.
 As Christians, we also worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as do the Jews.
The Muslims and others do not. Over the centuries they accepted the many village gods and made them their own.   Muhammad, in the 7th century, "found" his village god "Allah" mixed in with many other gods. Muhammad rescued this god and made it the centre of worship for his followers- the Muslims.

Because Ishmael was circumcised at the age of thirteen (Gen.17: 25) it is usual that many Arab, Muslim, tribes follow that custom.

It is purported that Ishmael and his mother Hagar are buried together in the Kaaba at Mecca.  

Note 1       Their own statistics show only 20% Arabs, the rest being Indonesian, Indian, Pakistani, Bosnian, Malaysian, Afghanistani, etc..  Very few of the "20% Arabs" are truly Arab. Instead they are descendents of Abraham's six other sons-apart from Ishmael.  


Village god recovered after being "dumped"
Many gifts were brought to "The House of God". The keepers of the Kaaba accepted all.
Some brought their idols and they were placed in the sanctuary. When the people were forbidden to access the area by the Jurhumites  they dumped these "treasures" in to the well (Zamzam). When the powerful tribe called Khuzaites took over power they placed their Moabite god "Hubal" in the Kaaba and worship continued.    The Khuzaites were eventually replaced by the Quraysh- a powerful tribe of Arabs descended from Ishmael.
Adb Al-Muttalib, grandfather of Muhammad, is supposed to have had a vision telling him of the well - now covered over. The spirit in his dream told him to look for "blood. dung, an ant's nest, and pecking birds" (1)  .  He found the "clues" between two idols where the Quraysh performed their sacrifices. He dug, and found the well. This made him the hero of Mecca.   [What a strange place to find "The One True God Allah", hiding in a bloody, dunghill, shared with ants]

Information was obtained from the Books;
(1) "Muhammad"        by  Martin Lings -Inner Traditions International,377 Park Avenue, S. New York --- pg11   &
   "The Prophet"  - Alberto     part 6, pages 13,14.


Allah Found!

In the year 630 A.D.  Muhammad with 10,000 men marched to the place called
 "The Kaaba" ("House of God") in the city of Mecca.

 He entered the Kaaba and with the protection of his "enforcer" uncle, and the 10,000 men, destroyed all of the small metal and stone gods (village idols)
that were stored there, save one.
 He left the Kaaba but with one god (idol) "Installed"!           "Allah"
It was the village god of his village.  Mohammed's village - the village (Clan) of Quraysh.

 Muhammad declared to all that THIS god, the god ALLAH, his village god,
 was the only god, and the true god!   
(This god is also the village god of Saddam - present dictator of Iraq - Hussein.
 Saddam Hussein too is from the village (Clan) Quraysh.

Muhammad died in 632 having had nine wives and one Roman Catholic concubine.(*)  

If this was THE GOD what was it doing placed among all the other village idols?
If this was THE GOD how is it possible that THE GOD be represented by a statue built by "lowly" man's hands?
 Surely NO IMAGE of THE GOD is allowed in Islam!

The Roman Catholic Church admits that they worship the same god as the Muslims
(Catechism of the Catholic Church  1999 - Article 841)

This can only mean that in reality the R.C. Church accepts
the moon god as their official god.


A Visitation from What?

Muhammad claimed that one night, while asleep near the Kabba, he was awakened by
the angel Gabriel.  Gabriel led him to a heavenly, winged animal named "Buraq".
Muhammad climbed on its back and was taken to the Jewish Temple ruins in Jerusalem.
Muhammad dismounted and was joined by the prophets: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and
some others. They all prayed BEHIND him.  Muhammad then remounted "Buraq"
 and flew to heaven were he again met the prophets - and then God Himself!

Muhammad also claimed he received the creed of Islam and instructions for
the, five times a day, daily prayer directive directly from God in heaven.  

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                               P.O. Box 50096 Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand


For Archeological Report and Photo of statue of moon god "allah" go to

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