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U. R. I.
If you are totally unaware of the U.R.I. please hold on to your proverbial hat !

For many years we too have been watching and wondering how it would be possible
 for all of the religions and churches of the world to gather together as one.

In 1996 Gorbachev, Archbishop Spong, and the head of the roman catholic church
(pope John Paul 2 (Watiwa) got together and formed the nucleus of the U.R..
Offices were set up on Taylor Street in San Francisco so the U.R. would  not be
directly associated with the, then new, offices set up by Gorbi at the Presidio in
San Francisco.

The original address was (and probably still is);

United Religion Initiative
1055 Taylor Street
San Francisco California  CA 94108
Tel (415) 440 2303  Fax (415) 440 2313

By April 1997 top official of the United Nations, Robert Muller was traveling the
world singing the praises of Peace through Global Citizenship and promoting
that all should become members of a fledgling UN like organization called the
United Religions.  He was in Vancouver B.C. Canada the first week in April 1997
and introduced many young people in to formal training to go forth and spread
the word worldwide.

All peoples can join this new religion!  It is based on TOTAL UNIVERSALISM  -
all are saved and will go to heaven.

What kind of god would allow anyone to suffer for ever instead of joining him in heaven?

If you are a Hindu your "leg up" will be further "exercised" to speed you on your way
 after death.

If you are a Roman Catholic, that church through its invented Sacraments, will speed
you on your way and save you "cooking time" in the place they invented called Purgatory.

If you are a Mormon you will still have your own planet were you can be its god,
copulate with your many celestial wives, and populate that planet with more gods.

If you are a Protestant you will go to heaven, BUT,  to be sure,  you will be told,  it
would be better to become a Roman Catholic now so that - in case they are correct-
you  too can take part in their Sacraments and speed you on your celestial way.

By all of the non R.C. churches joining with The Church Of Rome one big Universal
( the word Catholic actually means Universal )  will be formed.

NO Clergy need lose their positions- they will, in fact, be elevated by becoming part
of the BIG, RICH, GLOBAL, IMPRESSIVE organization with complicated rituals
that need constant attention and explaining.   Obviously the congregation can not
do it alone and without them.
 Clergy with impressive robes and special knowledge will be required.

If you are a Muslim you are IN !  The R.C. "Catechism of the Catholic Church"
1999, Page 157, Article 841 asserts that the god  Allah and the god of the R.C.
church are one and the same!  Many R.C. clergy (like Anglican Archbishop Spong),
do not recognize Jesus as the Christ, and indeed as God.  It can be explained to the
Muslim that the R.C. "Our Lady of Fatima", is indeed Fatima - Az -Sahra,  the
Shining One,  the  daughter of Mohammed.  She, in many apparitions around the
world, has been telling all to use their prayer beads more often, pray more often,
and get ready for the last Imam.

New Agers are IN. If you really believe in what you are doing - you are saved !

Wiccans are IN ---------same reasoning.

Last Year Rt. Reverend William Swing, the Episcopal Bishop, Diocese of California,
has taken over the key position in U.R.   This moved the name Watiwa (Number one
man in the Vatican - The pretender to the throne of Rome) in to the background of
the organization so that he can emerge later as THE GREAT LEADER.

                        Gorbi---------- the x KGB BOSS
                        Watiwa --------the head of the Roman Catholic Church
          Ted Turner----billionaire owner CNN and multi other communication outlets      
          Margaret Thatcher---- x Prime Minister of Great Britain
                        George Bush------ x President of The United States of America
                 Jimmy Carter -------x President of The  United States of America
          Maurice Strong-----Canadian multibillionaire and U. N. activist
                        Mrs. Maurice Strong-------Owners of The Bacchus Institute (multi religions)                                                 Shirley MacLaine----------Author,  Actress,   Hinduism  promoter
          Robert Schuller-------and his  Crystal Cathedral
          St. John the Divine Church & associates Manhattan N.Y. New York
          Araafat-------- and his Roman Catholic wife
          Carl Sagan-----renoun Scientist
          Jack Van Impe Organization
          Right Rev. William Swing----Archbishop ( by Apostolic Secession ?)
          Professor Paul Kitter---------Xaviour University.
          Timothy Wirth------U.S. rep. at The Cairo Convention (1994) on Population Control



Fasting & Prayer '98  "Evangelicals and Charismatics Together"    included
Mission America,  Campus Crusade for Christ,  Billy Graham,   Bill & Vonette Bright,
Don Argue-NCC,  Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries,  David Bryant of Concert of
Prayer International,  Franklin Graham,   Bill McCartney,  Jesse Maranta of Azua
Pacific University,  Bob Record of North American Missions Board of Southern
 Baptists Convention,  Pat Roberts,  Adrian Rogers & Thomas Trask of the
 General Council of Assemblies of God.

Bill Graham Ottawa Crusade  included 470 Churches,  60 of them Roman Catholic.
The crusade was endorsed by Archbishop of R.C. Churches of Ottawa, Marcel Garvais.
The August 1998 Graham Newsletter praised the ecumenical unity!  Since that crusade
ALL the R.C.'s that attend Billy Graham crusades are re directed back to the R.C. church.
( Could that be the kind of thing discussed when people like Van Impe and Graham
 visited the pope in the Vatican $$$ Vaults? )

World Council of Churches Geneva Convention.      Desmond Tutu vilified churches that
do not accept ordination of women priests, homosexual priests, and performance of
same sex weddings.


Milan Opocensky,  the Secretary General of World Alliance of Reformed Churches
publicly OPPOSED the U.S.  "Freedoms of Religions Persecution" bill.   He claimed
the U.S.A. should NOT become the world protector of religious minorities and force
any country to allow freedom of religion in their country.

 The Biennial Meeting ABC/USA    Speakers Adrienne Kaufmann, Benedictine Sister
 of Mothers of God Monastery spoke.  Her speech was titled " Substantive Dialogue:
A Tool for Congregations to Deal with Potentially Divisive Issues Without Becoming
Divided"       Booths were set up in the lobby by organizations affiliated with  ABC/BWA.
Booths by W.C.C., B.W.A., American Bible Society, American Baptist Women in Ministry,
Baptist Joint Committee.  Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America,
Church Women United, and Habitat for Humanity.

Bucharest Romania May 7 1999  The Eastern Orthodox Patriarch capitulated to
 John Paul 2 of Rome.

June 11 1999 Lutheran World Federation capitulated to John Paul 2 and signed  "The
 Joint Declaration on Justification"
 ( It was actually signed on Oct. 31,1999  according to Konrad Raiser of W.C.C.)

June 15, `1999  Tony Campolo endorsed Pres. Clintons decision to endorse
"Gay Pride Month"   ( CNN Crossfire)

May 18 1999   Doctor George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of The
Anglican  Communion advised his church he had agreed on the "Gifts" of Papal Authority.

New Methodist Worship Book Released in Britain.  The book refers to God as "God
our Father and God our Mother".  Pres. Clintons pastor--Philip Wogaman, Foundry
Church in Washington D.C. agrees with this reference.   

July 28, 1999    John Paul 2 of Rome denied the reality of a physical Hell.  One week
earlier he denied heaven as a physical place claiming it was "an abstraction not a
place in the clouds, but a living, personal relationship of union with the Holy Trinity."
(similar thought by Billy Graham-- on November 15, 1993-- Billy G spoke of a
separation from the light, no literal hellfire or a thirst that can not be quenched.)

July 14,1999  The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Churches had a meeting  in
Los Angeles California with Jimmy Allen the past president of The Southern
 Baptist Alliance.  He agreed to speak at the UFMCC's 30th Anniversary "General
Conference and World Jubilee".

Trinity Broadcasting Network opened its 65,000 square foot headquarters in Costa
Mesa California. TBN takes in over $80,000,000.00 per annum. They have a
accrued assets of 277 Million with liabilities of 6.8 million dollars U.S.A..
(Trinity broadcasts an eclectic variety of Christianity )

August 19, 1999  The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Episcopal
 Church issued a "Call to Common Mission" .  The two agree to share clergy,
sacraments, joint missions, and social services,   Pres. John Thomas, credited with
the full communion of ELCA and the Reformed Church commented that this was
a sign to bring Evangelical, Catholic, and Reformed traditions together.

September 1999 issue of POWERLINE  (Crystal Cathedral publication)  Robert Schuller
stated "Smiling faces will make peace on earth happen".
 ( Maharishi Yoga taught the same thing in the "Beatle Days" !)

Geneva Switzerland - St.Pierre Cathedral - The Dali Lama  (Buddha Leader)
spoke to Senior officials of Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish and Baha'i faiths.
The  DJ  then moved on to India were he lead a "Kalachakra" - a Buddhist ceremony
 to transform the world by creating enough positive energy through prayer and meditation
to clear a path for peace.     Roman Catholic sister Mary Margaret Funk said she "was
struck how similar the rituals of the monks, both Catholic and Buddhist, were! "

( No wonder -- the R.C. organization had to get them from somewhere - why not from
that HINDU sect called the Buddhist !)
 ((Robert Schuller did not attend the Kalachakra))

October 4 1999  The Canadian Council of Churches, a member of The World
 Council of Churches, and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada joined in
"Together 2000: Christians in Canada Honouring Jesus".    Protestant, Orthodox,
Anglican, and Roman Catholic Churches united over 1000 congregations from
 The Vineyard Churches of Canada, Nazarene, Foursquare, Pentecostal Assemblies,
 Canadian Worldwide Church of God, and many others.  The purpose of the fellowship
according to The Together 2000 press release ( from Janet Somerville - General
Secretary CCC)  was to learn how to work together.  The idea of Together 2000
 originated with World Vision of Canada / Don Posterski.  Carolyn Whitney-Brown,
a Roman Catholic was the Director of the  Together 2000 project,

October 31 1999     exactly 482 Years after Martin Luther mailed his Declaration --
The Vatican and The Lutheran World Federation signed a "Joint Declaration
 on the Doctrine of Justification".  The Washington Post reported--
"In effect this declares that Luther's protest of 1517 was just a misunderstanding".

November 1999 issue    National Council of Churches   Rev. Margaret O Thomas
chair of Interfaith Relations Commission told the Assembly  "Churches in America
are infected with triumphalism, that is, embracing the idea that only those who have
received Jesus Christ as their Saviour can be saved and thereafter please and
serve the one true God."


Vatican News Release ---  John Paul 2 has announced that if any Roman Catholic
 gives up smoking or drinking FOR EVEN ONE DAY  they will earn indulgences and
therefore spend less time in purgatory !   

 I suppose that tells us that if a Roman Catholic does not smoke or drink, and has
 nothing to give up, EVEN FOR ONE DAY, he will just have  to cook for that extra time !

Consultation on Church Union (COCU) ---- by the year 2002------ The Episcopal Church,
The Presbyterian Church  USA, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The
International Council of Community  Churches, The United Church of Canada, The
United Methodist Church, The African Methodist Episcopal Church, The  Zion
Church, and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Churches  will sign a reconciliation
of diversity agreement.

The Conference of European Churches and Council of European Bishops Conference
are in the process of drafting an agreement for approval to unite ALL European
 Denominations. The Charter will unite over 100 Orthodox, Anglican, and mainline
 Protestant Churches.  Copies will be circulated by The National Roman Catholic
Bishops Conference for their approval.

 August 28, 2000 The Millennium World Peace Summit met at the U.N. Building, Manhattan
 New York  - drafted and signed a statement establishing The Advisory Council of Religious and
 Spiritual Leaders. A Permanent Council to advise the Secretary General and the General
Assembly of the U.N.     Religions signing; Hinduism, Sikkism, Shintoism, Judaism, Taoism,
Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Zoroasterianism, Confucianism,
and indigenous religions.  The logo for  The World Peace Summit is each of these religions
forming a circle around the U.N.symbol.  This symbol is almost identical to the United
Religions Initiative symbol.

Gorbi, Watiwa, and Swings United Religions Initiative is now active in 58 countries, on
all continents.  U.R.I. is pro homosexual marriages, pro abortion and pro artificial
contraception.    This is why Watiwa is "in the shadows" for the present.


Who or What  will "Head Up" this One World Church ?

The U.R.


Only One "Organization"  on this planet we call Earth  is ;

A Country on its own, with its own currency,  postal system,
Embassies worldwide, and  its own spy system.

A MEGA RICH  Organization.

Claims over ten million followers today.

Has "many facets" so is able to absorb any other "religion",
 regardless of  how "obtuse" that "religion" may be.

Has a man at its head who, by tradition, claims to be Gods representative
on Earth.

A Man who has world wide respect for traveling this world and "patting the poor
on the head" while wearing fantastically expensive garments and costing the
governments of those submerging nations millions.

Who Could this be and what is the name of that organization?
I leave it to YOU to answer.


footnote -- Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong of Newark, New Jersey
in his latest book "Why Christians Must Change Or Die"
reveals his beliefs !
The resurrection of Jesus Christ was not a real event but a legend.
There was no empty tomb, no angels, no appearances.
No reasonable person could believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible.
The virgin of the literal Bible 1 the virgin of the annunciation, Bethlehem, the
manger -"will have to go" .
The church should actively endorse and even celebrate homosexual behavior,
as well as heterosexual liaisons outside of marriage.
Spong calls his book  --  the summation of his work.  He calls himself
" a believer in exile. "


September 11, 2001 Since this fateful day PEOPLE OF ALL DENOMINATIONS  are
 now gathering to pray together for peace and for sanity to prevail.


April 20. 2003 It has been a long time since I made an entry in this list of movements
toward a world church - obviously the one predicted on Revelation.

The World Council Of Churches and the URI are both active and "progressing", but
a new NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES  has been formed by the leading fifty one  
religious denominations including, of course, the Roman Catholic, and the Greek
Orthodox churches.
 If you type the words "National Council Of Churches" in to your Google search
 engine you will come up with a string of sites - some  showing a list of names of
the participants, and many, the "progress" that this diabolical group has made in
 unifying many religions - Evangelicals, Protestants, Baptists, Pentecostalists, etc..

Most recently they have "dialogued" and issued "Joint Statements" with Rabbi
of the Jewish Faith, as well as Imam of the Muslim Faith.
 Many interfaith Forums are being held Worldwide.
As to be expected, this pseudo Christian council is preaching "Another Gospel" -
a "social gospel" organizing World Peace and prosperity for all.

TRUE CHRISTIANS Worldwide are praying for "Peace in Jerusalem"- knowing
that ONLY THE RETURN OF JESUS, THE MESSIAH, upon HIS return will bring true peace.

    Toughlove.Faithweb Ministry
45619 Princess Avenue West,
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada.  V2P 2B9


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