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Conference Room

You are invited to be part of


 with Don Dutkowski (Askdon)



http://www.toughlove.faithweb.com       &     http://www.toughlove.ontheweb.com

Join the conference by going to, or downloading, PALTALK

from  http://www.paltalk.com


Go to GROUPS on the top right corner of the Pal Messenger box
 and double click it,
Go to HEALTH RELATED/PARENTING and double click it.

Go to ASKDON FOR HELP OR DIRECTION and double click it.

You are now on-line, and in the Paltalk Video Conference Room
of Toughlove Video Conferencing.

Please E-mail   click@telus.net    to get times the Conference Room will be active.

(We are trying to have the Conference Room Open daily between 11:00 and 12:00 Noon
 Pacific Coast Time but will let traffic dictate.         Open any time by appointment! )

The following message is permanently posted on the conference site;
"Askdon monitors http://www.toughlove.faithweb.com answering questions
 & helping people with addictions, depression, fear, loneliness, abuses, and runaways.
If you have a questions - please ask."

The Toughlove Video Conference Room system allows visitors worldwide to join in by
keyboard, voice, and often, video.  There is room for up to two hundred in the conference
room reserved for us.
  Much more is usually achieved when there are but two or three present.

Don Dutkowski moderates and answers questions but never argues!
On Paltalk Dons nickname is "askdon".

For more information do not hesitate to communicate with Don using


For a multiplicity of other methods go to http://www.communicate.ontheweb.com

Toughlove.Faithweb Ministry
 is based in Chilliwack (Fraser Valley), B.C., Canada
and is not affiliated with any Church or Religious Organization