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Demon / gods ~

Answer to "We all worship the same god - don't we?
(Demons/Entities and who/what Organizations and/or Persons who worship them)

Allah                 Village god of Mohammed
                           Village god of Nebuchadnezzar
                           Village god of Hussein
                           The "Prince of Persia"

Ensoph                              god of the Kabala

Shiva               Hindu           (greatest god/godess)
                         Science of Mind

Jao Bul On                       Royal Arch Masons

Ma  Ha  Bone            30,31 Degree Masons  

Ga Bri EL                                          Mormons

PayLay                                            Mormons

Hu                               Ekankar     (pronounced "hew")

Aom                     T.M.          Church Universal and Triumphant

Shring                                 TM          "          "          "

Hirim                                  T,M.          "          "          "

Baphomet                12th Century  Knights Templar

Ra                                         Egyptian (Sun) god
                                              Rastifarians                                  (Worhip of RA/ Haile Selasse)

Mary                             demon god of Shrine of Lady of Fatima

Maria                          demon god    mother of  God   Hispanic R.C's

Fatima                            demon god            wife of Mohammed

Meriam         demond god  mother of   Fatima  (=Mary Am)

Gnish                          Elephant god          Hindus

Hanniman                        Monkey god          Hindus

Kundalini                  Snake god          Hindu
                                    Rat      god          Hindu

Kali                     multi arm/breasts,       Hindu    god/godess of destruction
                            Skulls around waist

Fortuna                     Fidel Castro, All who praise Fortuna by calling events "fortunate"
                                 (  Ancient Italian (Roman) god  ess   )  * Using the term "FORTUNATE"
                                  aludes to this goddess!

Lady Luck               Gamblers everywere  
                                ( same demon as Fortuna)

Krishna                  Hari Krishna      (entity or personality name = Hi.)

 Kahn   (The Great )         Ishmaeli Religion    In recognition of their "god" each person of
                                              the Ishmaele religion uses the name KAHN as his or her last name.
                                     Origional was GAnghus, then ? , then, then Agi, now Ali Kahn is considered
                                      to be "The Living God - On Earth" by his followers.

Jesus                        Cult code name "P2", real name "PS".  The name of the group who claim to          
                                    descend from the Knights Templar.  They  believe that Jesus escaped
                                    the cross.  They firmly believe he travelled to France were he married and   
                                    produced children. Those children are today "walking and talking Gods".
                                    PS is the short term for the French  "Priory de Sion" claim to be guardians
                                    of the "holy blood line" !

Set, Nurgle, Khorne, Malal, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Bacchus, Shallya, Taal, Sava, Myrmidia, Meridian, Frey,
and Rhya.    Other names of/for  these same gods/demons are;  Lakini, Tlazolteolt, Chislev, Sif, Hecate, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus, Kali-mar, Arioch, Loviatar, Arawn, Azathoth, Horus, Ravnar, Inanna, Asmodeus, Loki, Anubis, Semoc, Naveh, Xiombarg, Cthulu, Khaine, Hiisi, Imrahil, Polaris, Halea, Artemis, Earwin, Apollo, Mercury, Miranda, Ra, Balder, Osiris, Enki, Manannan, Mac Lir, Mielikki, Danatis, Verenna, Athena, Donblas.
                                   The above lists the gods/demons worshipped by The Animists and The       
                                    Rangers.   These are called "the Old Faith" and basicly revolves around
                                    the worship of Nature, Natural Forces, or Mother Nature.                                   

List Gathered by D.F.Dutkowski.   ~~ in progress

If You Have A Headset You Can Talk
With Donald F. Dutkowski